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See Spots Run: Web Causing Spoiler Alert for Super Bowl Ads

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NORTH TEXAS – Super Bowl Sunday. You’ve got the top two teams going at it, plenty of beer and hot wings – but for some folks, the Super Bowl isn’t about food of football. It’s all about the commercials!

Companies pay millions for millions to see their spots run. And they’re so excited this year, they’ve decided to release the commercials before Super Bowl Sunday? Geez talk about a spoiler alert.

Remember when half the fun was finding out how Bud would make us tear up this time, and watching wacky ads that would have us talking around the water cooler on Monday?

Doesn’t releasing these commercials beforehand deflate …uh … negate the whole purpose of showing them on Super Bowl Sunday? What’s up with that?

"I think that's taking a little fun out of it," Jeffery Cowick said.

It’s no accident, and it’s no surprise companies are using this as a business strategy to get more web traffic and momentum. But we kind of wish they’d save the momentum for game day!

"If they were really good at what they did, they would increase the anticipation if they were talented marketers,” Eric from Maryland said. “Give you a little tease, don't release the full video; kind of like a little trailer action."

Maybe they should take a lesson from Marshawn Lynch, and say nothing.





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