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Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Officially Closed

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DALLAS --  Prime Prep, the troubled charter school that's failed subjects on everything from finances to state laws, is officially closed.

That's right, the school co-founded by Hall of Famer Deion Sanders shut its doors for good on Friday. It's two-plus year run was marked by charter issuesdeion sanders3 and the lack of  money.

"'Today's payroll was about $200,000. Prime Prep Academy has $60,000 that we are aware of on account. The difference of $140,000 is the reason that this school has to be closed today," Board member Albert Black said.

So, how did it get to this point? Well, let's just say maybe those handling the cash should have paid more attention in math class.

"I think Prime Prep went wrong with the most fundamental accounting. Some of the things that represent lessons we would have learned in Junior High School," Black said.

"When you don't pay attention to expenses and you don't have a board that's going out raising the kind of money necessary, and the academy won't be able to stand on its own two feet."

Get this, if Prime Prep were to stay open through August, it'd be $862,000 in the hole. Yikes.

Okay, so how do you explain to a kid that they'll no longer be in the same class come Monday?

"This week has been very chaotic. Very stressful," a parent said.

Another parent told NewsFix, "My baby, she was very devastated last night once I told her there's a chance that school is going to close. She suffers with migraine headaches and she got a headache. I told her just calm down everything is going to be ok."

Now, almost 300 students must find a new school, new teachers and new friends.

Third grader Leland Tubbs says saying goodbye is the toughest part. "It's said for everybody here."

Here's hoping the next chapter has a better ending.

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