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Chew on This: Easy Slider Food Truck

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NORTH TEXAS - If you're looking for a burger that's small, but packs a lot of punch, you can find the Easy Slider Food Truck somewhere in the Metroplex supplying Texans with these tasty treats.

But a food truck that specializes in sliders? How did these two ladies come up with that idea?

"We both have a background in the restaurant industry, so it's that age old story 'I can work this hard for myself,'" Miley Holmes said. Holmes is part owner of Easy Slider Food Truck.

Easy Slider opened back in December 2011 with one truck; now they've got three!

What's even more awesome? These burger bites.

"Our signature slider is the Sweet & Lowdown, it has our angus beef, strawberry jam, goat cheese and bacon," part owner Caroline Perini said. "Our best seller is the 'Roadside' which is angus beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled jalapenos and french-fried onions and barbeque sauce."

Yep, quite the combo.

And Chew on This, Easy Slider only uses fresh meat for these crazy creations. No frozen stuff folks.

"Our meat is from a local meat purveyor and we work with them very closely," Perini said. "We use the best product that we can buy as far as goat cheese and the kind of bacon that we even buy."

And at two sliders for eight bucks, that's a lot of quality for not a lot of bucks.

The Easy Slider Food Truck can be found in Plano, the Dallas Arts District, SMU and of course the Truck Yard. Yeah, that's a moveable feast!

So if you're in the mood for bite-size burgers, visit their site for their schedule and slide on through. Pretty easy, right?

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