Beat The Game: Super Bowl Domestic Violence Ads

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GLENDALE, AZ - Part of the fun of Super Bowl Sunday is getting a chance to see all those budget-breaking commercials, but this year there's at least a couple of ads that are priceless. That's because they deal with a hot button topic in the NFL this season, domestic violence.

The NFL has been in damage control ever since they fumbled the Ray Rice investigation. Now they're teaming up with the non-profit organization “No More,” and on Super Bowl Sunday, they'll be running an ad that is sure to make everyone take notice.

It’s a chilling PSA of a woman making a call to 911 and pretending to order pizza. The 911 operator tells her that cops are on their way as she is forced to abruptly end the conversation.

That's not the only domestic violence ad airing during the game. The women's rights group “Ultraviolet” decided to tackle the issue head on, literally. The commercial ends with the hashtag #GoodellMustGo

So in between all those beer commercials be prepared to catch a sobering message.

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