Testimony Begins in Duct-Taped Toddler’s Murder Trial

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COLLIN COUNTY, TX -- This is one trial that will have you talking. Testimony began Tuesday in Melina Muniz's capital murder trial. She accused of killing her fiance's two-year-old daughter, Grace Ford, on the morning he reportedly broke off their engagement.

The prosecutor claims Muniz has changed her story over and over and that Plano cops caught her in lie after lie.

The defense attorney even admitted in opening statements that Muniz lied but told the jury just because you don't tell the whole truth doesn't mean you're a bad person.

When first responders arrived at her Plano apartment one year ago, they found Muniz face down in the living room with her pants pulled down and her mouth duct-taped shut. She told cops an intruder attacked her.

grace fordThe toddler was found unconscious in her crib with duct tape over her mouth. Grace was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Three days later, she was taken off life support.

During the investigation, cops say Muniz admitted there was no intruder and then claimed she had amnesia.

Detective say her final story was that Grace must have duct taped her own mouth shut while they were playing arts and crafts.

The key evidence at trial will likely be surveillance video from a Dollar Store that appears to show Muniz buying duct tape just hours before she claims she and Grace were attacked.

The trial is expected to last two weeks. If convicted, Muniz faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.