Media Circus: Super Bowl XLIX Media Day

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PHOENIX, AZ - Super Bowl Media Day, a day we're sure Marshawn Lynch is “thankful” for. The man referred to as "Beast Mode" added to his list of legendary one-liners Tuesday by repeatedly stating, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”.

But there's always something fun about this media circus. Although this year's festivities can't be too much fun for the Patriots who are still caught in the high-wire act known as deflate gate.

That's because the latest buzz is that the Patriots found a video of a locker room attendant carrying a bunch of footballs into a restroom before the start of the AFC championship game. The tape was reportedly turned over to the NFL.

Who knew media day would come down to what a guy was doing with balls in a bathroom?

Either way, we think NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make sure he watches this tape. The Patriots were predictably mum on the subject.

With all this talk about air pressure, the only things guaranteed to be under pressure Sunday are these two teams. So, let's see who deflates who and wins the Super Bowl.