Jaws Talk: Dallas Woman Bitten By Shark Speaks Out

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HOLLYWOOD, FL -- It ain't Shark Week, but boy do we have a shark tale for you.

A Dallas woman is finally breaking her silence to tell her survival story. Lacy Martin and her hubby Britt packed up and headed for a vacay in the Bahamas, but what they thought would be just another relaxing day snorkeling off Tahiti beach, soon turned into a nautical nightmare.

“After entering the water I saw a shark,”explained Martin. “In the Bahamas we see sharks all the time, so it didn't necessarily alarm me.”

Hold on wait, what?

Well, it should have because, within seconds, the 34-year-old turned into shark bait.

“The shark hit me from behind and I knew immediately it was a shark bite. And in the top point of my mind, I knew my husband was still in the water!”

She and Britt had gotten separated when Lacy followed a sting ray with her go pro cam before the attack.

Doctors say it was a miracle she was able to swim back to the boat. With help from other boaters who radioed for help, an air ambulance flew Lacy to Memorial Healthcare in Florida.

Doctors were shocked to see a huge chunk missing from Lacy's back.

“It was the size of a large pizza,” said Dr. Andrew Rosenthal.  “It was just an enormous surface area the soft tissue destruction was dramatic.”

Lacy has been recovering for the last few two weeks in Florida and knows she's lucky she escaped from that shark's mouth alive!

“I’m so blessed to be here. Every day I’m on Earth is a new and exciting day and a day for me to fight and live on,” added Martin.

Hey Lacy, next time you see a shark -- be afraid.  Be very afraid!