You Can’t Hide: Plano Burglary Victim Speaks Out to City Council

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PLANO -- As soon as Kelly Karras and her husband left to go out to dinner, the thief pounced.

“He came through this side gate and then went through and inside the house through the garage,” says Karras. “He was probably in and out in five minutes.”

The burglar made off with jewelry from the master bedroom, but also took the victims' peace of mind.

“You think Plano is safe, that's why we moved here,” she says. “At first, you're sad, upset, scared; but then, you just get angry.”

Unfortunately, this is a common feeling in Plano after the city has been hit by dozens of burglaries in recent months.

“It’s the same MO for 20-25 of the burglaries,” says Karras. “Our guy would specifically wait until he sees people leaving and then he goes in.”

One problem Karras sees is the lack of light on neighborhood streets. She will be at the City Council meeting Monday night to stand up and speak out.

“There is nothing in the alleys and the street lighting is so poor, it's a very pale yellow light,” she says.

The neighborhood is making moves to improve how they communicate.

“We developed a Yahoo group website,” says Steeplechase Homeowners Association president Greg Kitchen. “Now we can easily email blast to 200 homes in our subdivision.”

Over the weekend, Plano Police arrested Cedric Smith, Jr. in regard to an unrelated set of burglaries, and three suspects were arrested last week for other Plano break-ins.

But the serial burglar suspected of stealing from Karras and 20+ victims is still on the loose.

Karras and her husband are arming themselves with technology.

“We’re installing cameras and much higher tech security,” she says. “It’s frustrating that you have to do so much, that locking your door is not enough these days.”