Winter Travel Tips: Here’s What You Need To Know!

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DALLAS-It’s no secret things are freezing over in the northeast; that means one thing: Holy delays, Batman!

But just because you might not be flying to the cold zone doesn't mean you won't be affected.

So here are your winter travel tips!

First off, stay informed.

“For one thing, you want to follow the airline on social media; they tweet out updates faster than they do anything else, so you definitely want to follow your airline on social media," said Catherine Banks of Legacy Travel.

But checking your latest tweet won't come in handy if you're running on low battery.

"Make sure all of your electronics are completely charged up and that you have the chargers with you, not in your checked bags,” she recommends.

Okay, so once you pack your charger, there's one more thing you're going to want to have with you.

"Pack your patience. In situations like this, it’s nobody's fault; the person at the ticket counter, the person at the gate. It’s not their fault and yelling at people isn't going to get things moving any faster," says Banks.

And perhaps no one could use that advice more than parents traveling with little ones. Long hours in an airport could leave everyone feeling the turbulence!

"You need to make sure you have plenty of supplies for those kids, whether it's snacks or diapers or baby food or amusement items. You've gotta make sure you're prepared," added Banks.

There you have it, folks! Stay safe and warm out there and don't let those winter woes bring you down.