Labor LOL! Laughing Gas Replacing Epidural in Childbirth

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DALLAS — Okay, guys, there are just some pains you  have to actually feel to believe. Yeah, shout out to all the ladies who’ve actually braved the pain of childbirth! But not all have experienced those excruciating hours of pain, thanks to the golden invention of the epidural.

But move over, catheters and spinal blocks. Since 2011, when the FDA finally gave the okay for docs to bring back the old school use of nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, in the delivery room, it’s been a pretty popular choice amongst pregnant women.

“It’s doing something that releases your own kind of natural pain relievers, and that kind of affects spinal cord transmission of pain signals,”explained OBGYN, Dr. Pari Ghodsi.

Well, they do say pain is all a mental thing.

“It’s short acting, so the mother will have to put it on herself and it would initiate like 30 seconds prior to a contraction, and then she would remove it. She’s kinda in control of it,” added Ghodsi.

Geesh, sounds like a lot of work when you’re trying to ease a whole baby out of the womb. But with the cost of epidurals cashing in at $3,000, some moms are choosing to ease their pockets, too. You can gas up for only $100!

Hey, this whole laughing gas thing sounds like a win, especially for those taking on some really serious pain.