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Smash & Grab: ATM Crimes Crash Through DFW

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NORTH TEXAS – So, is it the cold weather or just plain greed? Looks like something is triggering an outbreak of smash and grab crimes in the last 48 hours. And we’re not talking about the ATM shuffle dance.

Friday morning, an SUV smashed into a Wolf Mart, located on South St. Augustine in Pleasant Grove, and snatched the ATM.

"Somebody came and break my wall from the backside and took the ATM and now I just figured it out they took a bunch of boxes of cigarettes too,” Samir Patel, owner of Wolf Mart, said.

The suspects got away but ditched the Expedition and the ATM.

Wednesday morning, a green truck pulled off another smash and grab spree. Cops say they crashed their truck into an Exxon in Oak Cliff. Surveillance video shows the suspects disguised in black, hauling off the ATM and all the loot inside.

"I'm not sure about the money, but we do keep our ATMs loaded,” Exxon store manager Paul Sidhu said.

Yeah, but they’ll have to get it open first.

Thirty minutes later, a green truck hit the Bellacures Nail Salon on Luther Lane, but this time they didn’t manage to get the ATM. However, they did do a number on the storefront.

But the scariest situation by far happened last week at this ATM in Arlington. A woman is confronted at gunpoint by a guy who robs her and then kidnaps her. We’re talking getting stuffed into her own trunk. This woman escaped when the robber stopped for gas.

That’s one ride no one ever wants to go on.

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