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Keeping the Dream Alive: Dallas ‘Dreamer’ Recalls Experience at State of the Union

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DALLAS, TX -- It’s not every day you get a personal invitation from the White House.

"I was jaw-dropped. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I accepted with honor,” Ana Zamora recalled.  21-year-old Zamora just returned from a trip of a lifetime.

She was a special guest of the first lady at Tuesday’s State of the Union.  Zamora's persidential visit began with a letter. Back in September, she wrote President Obama to let him know how his policy positively changed her life.

"I told him the story of how my parents brought me here as an immigrant baby," Zamora explained. "I was a little over a year, [I wrote about] my accomplishments and what I expect to accomplish, and how I think as a DACA recipient, we should get the opportunity for a way to residency.”

Zamora has greatly benefitted from Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. The policy basically allows Zamora, and others liker her, to live in the states without the fear of being deported.

Zamora's letter sealed her a front-row seat to history. "I mean, who gets to go to the State of the Union? I feel very privileged to have done that.”

The Dallas resident says it was a memorable experience, complete with a White House reception and some pretty cool sight-seeing.

Now, she’s focused on her upcoming May graduation from Northwood University. Zamora will be the first person in her family to do so.

"If I was able to get invited to the White House, by just writing a letter, I think other people can make other accomplishments as well.”

Zamora isn’t just a ‘dreamer’ – she’s a doer.

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