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BBQ Bummer: Brisket Shortage Beefs Up Prices

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DALLAS -- So, it's that time of the day -- you can't concentrate, your tummy starts rumbling, and your brain is saying, feed me!!!

Hey, this is Texas and the best thing to keep hungry from turning into hangry is a juicy slice of barbeque. We're talking brisket. But the order's up when it comes to the cost of grade A beef! Let's just say your meaty fill won't leave you with a beefy wallet.

Reports show brisket prices have increased almost 50% in the past year -- costing you about $3.50 per pound. That's some serious bull!

So why the huge markup?

Well, it’s a supply and demand thing. While the demand for brisket is high, the cattle supply is low. You can thank the drought for that.

So if you've got brisket on the brain, be prepared to fork over some change.

But don't end up like one Austin man who tried to turn the brisket shortage into a brisket buffet.

James Avery allegedly stole $2,000 worth of brisket from 19 different H-E-B locations and sold it to barbecue vendors in order to make a buck. Hey, that's what we call a brisket bandit!

For now, looks like we'll just have to get past the sticker shock to get some meat on the plate.

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