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Hard Knock Harmony: African Children’s Choir Visits DFW

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FORT WORTH --They've sung worldwide -- for the Queen, with Paul McCartney, they're even in a Hugh Jackman movie. And now the African Children's Choir can say have sung and danced in Dallas-Fort Worth, showing Temple Christian students how it's done.

These aren't your ordinary traveling choir kids, though. Yeah, they auditioned in war-torn Uganda, the country they call home.

"There's a lot of poverty. There's a lot of sickness. They have to walk to and from school, and their families struggle to have school fees for them," Carrie Lyman with the African Children's Choir said.

But, check this out. The choir will pay their way through school -- all the way through college.

"When I grow up, I hope to be a judge," choir member Natasha said.

Natasha lives with her parents and two sisters in a one-room hut, without running water.

"I am from Uganda. I like to play with my sisters every day and to do class and devotions. My favorite food is lasagna and rice and chicken," she said.

The students learned a few dance moves -- and a whole lot more.

"I've gotten to go to third world countries, and so when they talk about it. I have a burden for these kids.  It's a good reminder to look out for other people like that," Senior Daniel Hayworth said.

"Heartbreaking.  I get to go home and take an easy shower and they have to walk 45 minutes to get water. Just seeing how joyful those kids are, even when they don't have everything that I have. That definitely opened up my heart, and God is working through them," Senior Courtland King said.

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