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Caught in the Act: Home Alone Teen Helps Plano PD Bust Burglar

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PLANO, TX -- Imagine someone breaking into your house while you're inside. That's exactly what happened to a North Texas teen who helped police take down the burglar.

“I heard that Plano is like one of the safest cities in the world, so I would never imagine this happening,” 17-year-old Riashat Ishmam said. “I was like right here on my computer, and I just hear the doorbell ring.  And I didn’t do anything at first.”

 But then he decided to check it out.

 “I went back upstairs because I thought if I didn't answer the door, he would just leave. Then when he started banging on the door, I was like, something’s about to happen,” he said.

So Ishmam ran to his parents room, locked the door, and hid in the bathroom. But he wasn’t in the clear.

 “I called 911, and right after I finished telling them my address and stuff, my phone died at that moment. And I hear him break through the window. It took him a couple hits and he broke through it. He turned on the flashlight, and he started shining it through the gap. But luckily, he didn’t see me.  So at that moment, I was just thinking in my head, I think I’m going to die.”

We now know it was this man on the other side of the door -- Farhood Sani Allahdadi -- racking up on Ishmam’s parents’ jewelry.  But Plano PD was right there to meet Allahdadi on his way out.

 “It’s a little bit of a concern,” neighbor John Oeler.

“I was astonished,” neighbor Giancarlo Mossi added.  "I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  We have a lot of kids up and down the streets."

There’s been a recent rash of 30 burglaries in the area. Plano PD doesn't believe Allahdadi had anything to do with them. Someone could still be at large.

 “Everything happened at the right moment in time," Ishmam said. "I’m just thanking God I’m alive.”

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