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‘Beliebe’ It: Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Beliebe it or not – the pop star everyone loves to razz will soon be the star of his own official roasting.

That’s right, Comedy Central announced it’ll roast Justin Bieber in March.

The Biebs tweeted: “For years I have wanted Comedy Central to roast me. They said only if I provided them w/ more material so for a year now I have worked hard.”

Uh, yeah. So, maybe that’s why he egged his neighbor’s house? Well, at least Bieber has provided a variable buffet of buffoonery for the comedians, and no doubt they’ll have plent from which to feast. Guess you can aall it a golden opportunity for the writers.

Oh, not to mention the more recent gem -- his altered ad for Calvin Klein.

But, Just-in case you want in on the action, the hashtag ‘Bieber Roast’ is circulating social media. So, if you gotta Justin joke, you can throw it out on Twitter.

Oh, baby – looks like this will be one roast to watch.

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