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Underdogs: Social Media Saves Shelter Pups

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DALLAS -- The S.O.S went out over the weekend  -- the Dallas Animal Shelter was full. “On Saturday alone, within a four-hour period, we took in 65 animals just at our front desk lobby,” explained Teresa Cleek. Yep, they needed homes immediately for dogs who had been here too long. The deadline -- close of business Tuesday or the dogs were doomed.

Sonny Boy and Kipling were one paw away from doggie death row. The shelter started posting pets on Facebook & Twitter basically begging folks to come in and rescue them.

And it worked! Wednesday morning, the shelter posted this:

Joyce Thompson was one of dozens who decided to rescue one of these guys.

“I went around and encouraged people. This is a free dog. This is a short dog. Please adopt,” said Thompson.

Hey folks, this fur-sale isn't over.

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