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True Love at the Zoo: Male Anteater Debuts at Dallas Zoo

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DALLAS-So what do you get when you play matchmaker with two anteaters? Well, in this case, when boy meets girl, sparks fly. The Dallas Zoo just welcomed one-year-old MJ, a tamandua from the Staten Island Zoo. Yeah, guess you could say there's a new guido in town. But this is a serious situation; the hope is MJ will be smitten with the beautiful 2-year-old Chispa.

Yep, that's exactly what the zoo is hoping for and it looks like love is in the air!

With Valentine ’s Day right around the corner, we thought we'd give MJ some romantic ideas to seal the deal.

We're thinking a candle lit meal to start things off, and oh boy, can she eat -- up to 9,000 ants a day!

Followed by some chocolate-covered worms. Come on, what girl doesn't love chocolate ??

And at the end of the date, how about a little kiss??

So here's to MJ and Chispa's love match, if things work out, you might see these two out on the town, at schools, hospitals and special events.

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