WATCH: Woman Flips Out When She Misses Her Boat! LOL

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VICTORIA, British Columbia — Don’t rock the boat and sure the heck don’t miss it either… or you may have an EPIC meltdown like one woman in Canada. Seriously, this chick lost it! She freaked out screaming, stomped her feet and cried like a two-year-old when she showed up too late to catch her ferry in British Columbia.

“I’m so mad! I’m so mad!” she is heard screaming. “You have no idea what it means to people.”

Uhh… it means you’re mad. We get it.

Epic meltdown. Drama queen. Crybaby. Crazy Chick.

Whatever you call it, this video is downright HI-LA-RI-OUS! Major shout out to the laughing guy who recorded it all and posted it online for our viewing pleasure. Thank you!! LOL!!

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