Taking Shots: American Sniper Under Fire

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HOLLYWOOD, CA-American Sniper has been blowing the tops off of box offices since its release last week, bringing in 105 million, the most ever for an r rated film.

Hmm, wonder if it had anything to do with a hunky Bradley Cooper?

But not everyone has jumped on the American Sniper bandwagon.

The movie is now in the cross hairs of some serious bashing; controversial director Michael Moore took aim on Twitter, writing "my uncle killed by sniper in WWII. We were taught snipers were cowards."

But now he's taking a step back from calling out snipers in his latest tweet.

But he's not the only one coming out guns a blazing, Seth Rogen tweeted out that American Sniper reminded him of the fake Nazi propaganda film that plays in Inglorious Bastards."

Yeah, Rogan is one to talk after some theaters decided not to show The Interview after North Korean threats.

But the haters can't keep this movie down, the numbers say it all, $ 105 million in sales and 6 Oscar nominations!!

Despite its success in theaters, millions of viewers have opted to skip the ticket line for the bootlegged version.

So you have to ask yourself, would they have made more money if it weren't for movie pirates??

Probably, but even an early leak didn't lead to a box office slump.

Proof that American Sniper is sniping anything that gets in its way.

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