#NoNotoriety: Social Media Takes Stand Against Mass Shooters

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AURORA, Colorado — They started picking a jury Tuesday in a notorious case in Colorado. On trial:  the man accused of gunning down 12 innocent people at an Aurora movie theatre back in 2012.

And one of the victim’s parents is behind #NoNotoriety. This trending topic is trying to stop a deadly trend we’ve seen way too often.

The campaign challenges the media to “stop the gratuitous use of the name and likeness of mass shooters.”

So, we’re not going name him in this report.

Does broadcasting a suspected killers’ name inspire copycat crimes or put the spotlight on the alleged shooter versus justice for victims?

In a letter to the Denver Post, the parents of the man on trial pleaded for mercy on their son, saying he’s dealing with “severe mental illness.”

But prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, calling it the worst mass shootings in American history.

Well, as the trial gears up, we’re taking the Alex Teves Challenge and putting the spotlight on one of the victims, a good guy who liked Colorado craft beer.

As for the guy on trial:  No name.  No photo. No notoriety.

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