Holy Rabbits: Pope Says No Need to Breed Like Bunnies

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ROME, ITALY - Our favorite Pope has been causing quite a stir since taking over as head honcho in Rome, and his latest statement shows he's still stirring things up.

Now the Pope is handing out advice on sex.

When it comes to contraception, Pope Francis is asking “good Catholics” to stop breeding like rabbits. Instead, he’s urging responsible parenting.

So, it's ok to be ”Married with Children” but not “19 Kids and Counting."

The Pope is also standing firm when it comes to supporting the church's stance against artificial birth control.

So, what's the max amount of kids a family's allowed to have? Well, the Pope points out that population experts say "three kids per family."

We found some people who were in full support of what the Pope was preaching while others thought it was easier said than done.

Guess we’ll see if the Pope’s little pep talk pays off in a generation or two.

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