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Low For Lindsay: Queen of Car Crashes Selling Insurance

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LOS ANGELES -- D-list celebs take note. It looks like Lindsay Lohan is the new salesgirl for... car insurance?!?

Yep, the former mean girl is trying to turn her own dreadful driving into something positive by reminding you to stay safe on the road with Esurance.

Considering the direction her career seems to be going in peddling car insurance -- might be a smart U- turn.

If the money's good, we ain’t mad at ya, Lindsay.

Maybe Bill Cosby could be the next pitchman for self-defense classes? Too soon?

Well, making money can't come soon enough for actor Wesley Snipes. Now that he's served his prison time for tax evasion, H&R Block might want to sign him up as its new spokesman.

Imagine how great it would be if you could find fame and fortune in the ad biz after breaking the law.

But, you don't have to get in trouble to make big bucks.

It worked out for Lil` Romeo. He graduated from his fame as a rapper to higher education, after being the face of ICDC College.

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