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#DeflateGate: Did Pats Cheat?

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DALLAS --  We know most of you hate to hear this, but The New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl. Yeah, Tom Brady and the Pats absolutely demolished the Colts Sunday night, 45-7.

But was it a clean win?

Turns out the NFL is investigating whether the Patriots equipment staff deflated footballs to make them easier to hold and throw, especially in the downpour that was hitting the stadium.

But how much of a difference would it make?

Well, we decided to find out. With Mother Nature supplying a beautiful day, we had to improvise our own rainy conditions, watering down a football.

The first throw with a fully inflated, wet football was good, traveling about 30 yards. But with a little air removed, our volunteer was able to toss the ball several yards further.

Our volunteer also said the ball felt lighter and gave him a better grip.

So yeah, it’s no secret that talking the air our of a football helps out the guy throwing it, but there’s no way that alone is to credit for the 38 point beat down the Pats gave Indy.

Still, first there was “Spygate” and now “DeflateGate?” They just can’t learn how to play fair up in Foxborough.

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