Against Islam? ‘Stand With the Prophet’ Rally Controversy

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GARLAND, TX -- With folks still mourning the Paris attacks and suspected terrorists rounded up all over Europe, a non-profit organization is holding its annual fundraiser in Garland on Saturday.

It's called “Stand with the Prophet."

“In order to raise funds for their institution to help combat Islam-phobia, terrorism, hate and misunderstanding,” Alia Salem Executive Director CAIR DFW Chapter said.

Well, that mission has stirred up a bit of controversy. Folks are posting death threats on the organization's Facebook page.

“It is direct threats stating: I'm going to bring dynamite or I'm going to empty my guns into the Muslim crowd until that is completed,” said Salem.

A lot of this heat stems from one of the keynote speakers Imam Siraj Wahhaj, listed by federal prosecutors as a co-conspirator for the World Trade Center bombings back in ’93  but never indicted or even charged.

Over at Garland ISD, they’re fielding 100 phone calls a day with concerned citizens about holding the event at the Culwell Center, which is school property.

“It's a non-discriminatory center with regard to this event. We're not promoting it. We're not endorsing it, but neither are we discouraging it,” said GISD Spokesperson Chris Moore

Garland ISD says the center is open to anyone that wants to rent the facility. But  with the growing number of folks calling to protest, the district is requesting more security from Garland PD for the event.

“That's a measure we put in place to be proactive,” Moore said.

Hopefully, the extra police presence won't be needed, but the DFW CAIR chapter says all the controversy is exactly why this conference is taking place.

“Until we come together, and until we address the real issue of terrorism, be it Muslims or anybody then we are going to continue to suffer from this,” said Salem.

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