Chilling Video: Arizona Cop’s Body Cam Captures Fatal Shooting

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FLAGSTAFF, AZ-In the wake of controversial officer involved shootings, call for cops armed with body cams has been dispatched.

And many police departments have answered the call of transparency, including the boys in blue in Dallas.

But while body cams are meant to hold police accountable, some cams are capturing more than just the typical cop encounter.

Warning, this video could be graphic for some viewers.

Check out this video, its body cam footage of Flagstaff, Arizona Officer Tyler Jacob Stewart. He's responding to a domestic violence call.

The man involved in the dispute is Robert William Smith.

At first, the two are calm when discussing the situation between Smith and his girlfriend.

But watch what happens when the cop asks smith if he has anything in his pockets.

That's when Smith pulls out a .22 caliber revolver and opens fire, killing 24-year-old Stewart.

Flagstaff P.D. reports hearing six shots in the video. Cops say Smith took his own life and reportedly used Stewart's gun.

But it's perhaps smith's calm demeanor before he fired off shots that's most chilling.

A tragic and terrifying call caught on body cam; a reminder of the dangers cops face on the streets.

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