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Got the Juice? New Health Cleanse Uses Juices & Food

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DALLAS, TX -- Okay, chances are, either you or some one you know resolved to drop some pounds this new year; and chances are you may even try the latest food fad – juicing.

“I think they’re pretty good," Keithtan Durham said. "Actually, after the third day, I think you can tell that it’s actually doing something to your body.”

"Your body craves real food but it’s better for your body to have just like the juice cleanse – it’s better for your body,” another woman added.

But, if the idea of just juice isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, one company has created its own unique blend.

"There’s been a lot of juice cleanses over the past few years, that’s been the big trend," wellness expert Bri Crum explained. "But, you don’t see a lot of food cleanses."

California-based Beaming wants to extract the most out of your food cleanse by adding food to the mix.

"It’s not a huge shock to your system and we still want to eat – we still want to eat food and not just do a juice cleanse," Crum said.

"I’ve done them in the past, but they take a toll on your body – your body’s not used to it. This is a nice way to still do a cleanse and incorporate healthy food.”

The items are pre-packed, labeled and shipped straight to Texas. reports most juicing plans alone eliminate essential fiber from fruits and veggies, fiber your body needs.

But, this plan could be the alternative for those who crave more than just the typical cleanse.

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