Fan-demonium: Packers fans have safe haven in Dallas

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DALLAS, TX -- The excitement and anticipation was palpable as the Ice Bowl part duex played out on the Frozen Tundra in Green Bay, and cowboys nation was hype-city.

“We’ve tried so hard for so many years and were finally here,” says Cowboys fan Brian Crawford. “So let’s do it.”

As the silver and blue rallied behind their boys, others were going green. It may be hard to believe, but not everybody in Bid D was pulling for The Cowboys.

Welcome to Vernon's Gastropub...or known to these Packer backers -- a safe haven for cheese heads or as Cowboys country may deem it, enemy territory.

“We’ve been here now for 28 year, 27 years as a Packer bar,” says owner Chris Myrick.

“We stopped her in Dallas to watch the game and found this Packer Bar and it’s awesome,” says Lauren Humphry who was in the midst of a drive from Florida to Colorado.

But there were also some brave Cowboys fans in this sea of green as well.

“My best friend begged me to come here so here I am,” says Crawford.

Unfortunately this was probably the happiest place in DFW today after the Cowboys season was frozen by the Packers... with some help from the zebras... ugh.