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“Jerry! Jerry!” Jerry Springer Swings Through Big D

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DALLAS – He’s the man behind the show notoriously known for cat fights and chaos.The man with the chant 'Jerry, Jerry!' - known all over the world - made a stop in Big-D.

"I love being in Dallas. Obviously it's a great city,” Springer said. “And I understand you're giving some serious thought now to bringing professional football to Dallas."

Watch it Jerry!

Now there’s a lot you probably don’t know about this guy. Turns out he likes to sing; particularly songs from the late great king – Elvis.

And he’s got a new show to help folks with their love life.

"In addition to the Jerry Springer Show I also do a show now called 'Baggage’,” Springer said. "It's a dating game show with a little bit of a funny twist. So you learn their baggage, the dater chooses one of the three, but then the person chosen gets to look at his or her baggage. And sometimes you get dumped right on the show."

Sounds like he’s carrying a pretty heavy load.

So when does a man like Springer, whose been on the air for over 20 years, know he’s the real deal?

"I think the day that I was on the cover of Rolling Stone was the day I realized 'gosh this show can really be something,'” Springer said.

Okay now let’s try this whole Cowboys thing again.

"Hey, how bout them Cowboys huh?”

Yeah, now you’re talkin’.

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