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Human Error: Dallas Animal Services Admits Accidental Euthanization

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DALLAS- "We sincerely, sincerely apologize for failing these dogs and damaging our relationship with the Dallas community," said Dr. Cate McManus, Operations Manager at Dallas Animal Services.

“We're sorry” was Friday’s take away after an internal investigation found four dogs were accidentally euthanized just three days after being turned over to Dallas Animal Services.

"We have learned that these lives were lost as a result of human error and standard operating procedures were not followed," said McManus.

The four dogs in question were surrendered by their owner on December 30th.

A local rescue team promised to find homes for the dogs, and they did, only to find out they were put down on January 1st.

Now the shelter is trying to make things right.

According to DAS, they're looking to improve the steps taken in making the ultimate decision to euthanize an animal.

"We want to enhance the frequency of training on our software system auditing records and continually striving to improve internal communications," said McManus.

There's no happy ending to this story, but DAS says they are committed to helping animals get off the streets and into fur-ever homes.

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