Good Cops, Bad Cops: A Few Bad Apples Won’t Spoil the Bunch

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FORT WORTH --You've heard of good cop, bad cop.

Well, this is more a story of good cops, bad cops.

First the good. There's a new chief in Fort Worth.

Rhonda Robertson took the oath of office to become interim police chief.

Several other Fort Worth cops were promoted during the same ceremony. Congrats to them!

On the other hand, a couple of cops are apparently the kind who bring shame on the badge.

Plano's Richard Bradford was already accused of indecency with a child. Now he faces a new charge: child porn.

Then there's David Kattner, a senior corporal with Dallas P.D.
We told you back in December he was accused of sexually assaulting prostitutes. Friday morning he was found dead. Cops say it looks like he shot himself to death.

But a bad apple or two won't spoil the whole bunch.

Let's try to remember all the good cops who put their lives on the line for us every day.