Shake It Off: Irving 911 Operators Slammed With Quake Calls

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IRVING, Texas -- It was Tremor Tuesday this week in North Texas. 12 earthquakes have shaken up DFW in the past two days.

In fact, Irving ISD announced it's starting earthquake drills, just in case.

In a stroke of nice timing, Monday SMU seismologists installed new gear to gather data near the old Texas Stadium site, where most the quake activity has been centered. Next week they're taking that data to a public hearing before the Irving city council.

So far, none of the quakes have been off the charts, but it's still shaking folks up.

“We got approximately 100 calls in a 10 minute window,” said Officer James McLellan with Irving PD. “The larger worry is there may have been a person with a true emergency trying to get through and get some help that was being diverted or being put on hold.”

Irving PD says no one should hesitate to call 911 if it is a true emergency, but if it's short of that -- either don't call, wait or call the non-emergency line.

So if you are just calling about your windows rattling, it can probably wait.