Rights Fight: Petition Targets Plano’s Equal Rights Policy

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PLANO, Texas—The City of Plano approved an Equal Rights Ordinance which concerns equality in areas like housing and employment.  It also stops discrimination against folks in the LGBT community.

“The City of Plano will not tolerate discrimination, bullying or hate mongering,” Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said.

But The Liberty Institute of Plano isn’t so happy about all this.

“There is an outright attack on our Judeo-Christian principles,” one representative said.

The group aims to restore religious liberty in America.

“There was no problem, there was no discrimination, there’s no evidence of any need for this ordinance at all,” Dave Welch with the U.S. Council of Pastors said.

“The citizens of Texas will be able to express their religious beliefs in the workplace,” Representative Matt Shaheen added.

They are trying to overturn this ordinance and asking Plano voters to sign a petition. They say the ordinance infringes upon businesses who choose not to serve folks in the LGBT community for faith reasons.

"Let’s sign this petition Let’s repeal this unconstitutional ordinance,” Jeff Mateer with the Liberty Institute said.

But Mayor LaRosiliere says it is constitutional and exempts religious organizations.

“The ordinance is fair, it’s legal, and it’s constitutional, and it is similar to ordinances passed throughout 200 cities,” he said.

Although it’s based on existing federal law, voters could overturn it.

Meanwhile, Plano is currently front and center in the battle to overturn the current ban on same-sex marriage.  One of the couples in the case going before the Fifth circuit court of appeals resides in Plano.

The court will decide whether Texas will be the 38th State to allow same-sex marriage.