Playoff Payoff: DFW Cashing In Big On Ducks-Bucks Showdown

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Sports fans might be prisoners of the moment, but there's truly no better time to be a sports fan in DFW than right now.

We're not talking about that little team that calls Jerry World home either.

We're talking about the first ever College Football Playoff Championship between Ohio State and Oregon that will kick off in the same stadium Monday, January 12.

That means ESPN will be calling Sundance Square in Fort Worth home for the next week, with SportsCenter airing live from DFW.

It's a move that will provide a big bucks boom to the local economy.

DFW is expected to bring in around 60,000 out-of-state fans. According to the Dallas Business Journal, that surge in tourism is expected to pump over $300 million into the North Texas economy, which is sure to have local businesses swimming in money.

So even if you aren't rooting for a team in the College Football Championship, you can still be a fan of all the money it`s going to bring into the Metroplex this week.

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