Give Me A Break: Most Americans Don’t Take Vacations

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Ahhhh, vacation... when hard-working folks get to kick back and enjoy the benefits of all those long hours they put in.

Well, you might be surprised to hear nearly half of all working Americans don`t do that.

A survey by Skift Travel says 42% of Americans didn't take a single day of vacation in 2014. Not one, nada, zip!

And it looks like things might not be any different in 2015.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports some folks are just downright scared they'll be replaced if they take time off.

Or, that their workload will pile up while they are soaking in the rays on the beach or seeing the sights in Paris.

Hey, we think every hard-working American deserves a break from all those demanding deadlines.

Ever noticed how presidential stress has transformed Obama? Imagine if he didn't take time for those family getaways to Hawaii.

We found one federal law that folks in Washington might think about changing. Turns out, employers’ aren't required to give their workers any paid time off.

Hmmm, maybe The Feds know something we don't. Vacay really isn't what it's cracked up to be!