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Nickel Back: Dallas Shoppers Want to Bag the Bag Fee

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DALLAS -- Guess you can say folks in South Dallas have a lot to carry these days.

"Shameless. I mean, it's rough as it is."

"Not thinking about the senior citizens. The people on the buses."

That's right. Some folks say Councilman Dwaine Caraway should "bag" off the fees. Yeah, you know the new nickel a pop for every plastic bag you use fee that kicked in at the beginning of the year?

"I'll carry out whatever I can in my arms," one shopper said. "Or I'll bring a bag with me. I'll be dipped if I'll pay five cents for a plastic bag."

Here's the deal, the fee is supposed to encourage folks in Dallas to go green and reduce the litter plastic bags leave behind.

But this fee isn't just at grocery stores. It also applies to some stores at the mall and shopping centers.

Yep, if you want a new pair of jeans or a cool Cowboys ball cap to sport during the playoffs, guess what? It'll cost you five cents to bag it up.

Ok, not everyone thinks it's such a terrible idea.

"I do see the bags all over the place. I`m looking at them right now in an alley. I see it either way. We will have to wait about a year and take a better look at it."

Makes sense, but then there's this guy's take on Caraway's trash talk.

"How would he like if someone go in his bank account and say, we charging you a nickel for every time that you promised the people something and it doesn`t happen? You'll be broke in a month probably," George Avery said while laughing.

Hmmm... guess he wants to sack the fee.

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