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Crying Lions: Reversed Cowboys Call Draws Detroit’s Ire

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VALLEY RANCH, TX - While the Cowboys are reveling in a huge come from behind playoff victory, the Detroit Lions are still smarting over “that call.”

Fourth quarter, up by three, it looked like the Lions were going to get a free first down off a pass interference call on Anthony Hitchens.

But then, after a little deliberation, the refs waved it off, and folks went nuts!

After the game, Jason Garrett kind of waved it off, too.

“I saw it like the three officials around the play saw it, not the guy that was 50 yards away,” Coach said in  his post-game press conference.

OK, so the call may have been a bit unexpected, but other angles show the Lions receiver should’ve been flagged for a face mask.

And hey, the refs didn’t make the Lions shank a ten-yard punt, or let Dallas convert a 4th and 6, or make Matt Stafford fumble the game away.

Besides, if their reaction to Ndamukong Suh’s suspension being lifted is any indication, we thought the Lions were fans of the NFL reversing decisions!

As for the Boys, well Sunday might as well have been months ago. It's all about Green Bay now.

“We’re gonna watch the tape tomorrow with the team, we’re gonna get ready for the next challenge.” said Garrett on Monday, “We recognize what that challenge is going up against Green Bay against a great football team that plays really well at their place.”

So strap on your snow boots and grab your wool cap. Get ready for the Ice Bowl II!

Lambeau will be frozen, but no one is hotter than the Boys!

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