Behold the Cold: Arctic Front Drops Temps Across DFW

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NORTH TEXAS -- Okay, so if you’re not a fan of Old Man Winter, then chances are, you’re not going to show your spirit for the next bitter blast set to slide into North Texas.

If you think it’s cold now – then you better bundle-up; a strong cold front will drop temps into the 20s overnight. Get this -- the wind chill will make it feel like we’re in the teens. Talk about teeth chattering temps.

So, it’s probably a good time to remind you of the obvious: make sure you protect your pets, plants and pipes when conditions plummet below freezing.

“I bring my plants in during the winter time," homeowner Al Bolivar explained. "They actually survive better in this green house, than in the garage.”

Yeah, it’s going to get down right frigid as we head into the week.  "You can bundle up and you can put a scarf on and gloves,” Clara Bolivar suggested.
Hey, that's good advice -- you’ll need it.

At least the forecast calls for lots of sunshine -- perhaps that's the silver lining.. maybe?