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Kick In The Apps: Techy Ways To Help Stick To Resolutions

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NORTH TEXAS -- Are you already a victim to the post-holiday slump?

Well, before you give up your resolutions list, there are some apps out there that just might help keep you in the fight.

If you have high hopes of shedding some unwanted pounds, techy gadgets like Fit-Bit and the My Fitness Pal app were both created to help you every step of the way....literally!

These apps track your daily activity, fitness goals, sleep, and calories.

Although, they won`t do the heavy lifting for you, they'll definitely help keep your head in the game!

Is money on your mind this year?

Well, the Mint app could help keep your finances in check.

The app connects to your bank account and credit cards and tracks those bad spending habits!

Guess what? This app is free... So, there’s really no excuse.

For those who've set out to go big this year you've probably jotted down a new home or car, right?

Well, Credit Karma could help put things in gear for you!

The user friendly app helps get your credit score up by tracking activity and dishing out ideas to help improve it!

Hey, whatever your resolution is, just remember, there's probably an app out there making things a lil' easier.

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