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And The Winners Are: Zack Martin Headlines Cowboys All-Pros

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DALLAS, TX - The Cowboys still have a lot to prove on the field this season, but it looks like their play so far finally has the attention of America.

Four Cowboys were named to the NFL’s 2014 All-Pro team on Friday, the most of any team in the NFL.

DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith and Zack Martin all caught the eyes of the writers of the Associated Press who vote on the All-Pro team.

Zack Martin, the first year offensive guard, becomes the first Cowboys rookie in 45 years to go All-Pro.

“It’s a great honor, just like everyone’s saying, it’s a testament to the offensive line, to the offense and the team," Martin said. So now that he’s an All-Pro, does Zack get to shed his rookie duties?

“No, I’m on coffee duty tomorrow.”

Well those four guys, plus Tony Romo and Travis Frederick, also earned enough fan votes to land spots in this year’s Pro Bowl in Glendale, Arizona… although they’d rather be making the trip to Arizona for the Super Bowl instead!

Speaking of All Star Votes, the Mavs are Stars are making their push to try and land spots in their All-Star Games.

Well right now Dirk and Tyson Chandler are 9th and 13th in front court voting for the Western Conference, while newcomer Rajon Rondo is coming in sixth for the Guards.

Over on the ice Tyler Seguin is ninth in voting for the Forwards, while Jamie Benn is down at 21st.

So come on Dallas fans, get out there and rock the vote!

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