Thrift Lift: Woman Accused of Kidnapping 2 Kids at Thrift Store; Kids Safe

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DALLAS, Texas—What if you were shopping, turned around..and your kids had vanished?

“I just couldn’t picture myself going through that,” dad Jamil Edwards said.

Well, that’s what happened to one Dallas dad Wednesday at the Garland Road Thrift Store.  Talk about an unhappy New Year’s Eve.

“That is tragic, and it shouldn’t be so, but that’s what we have in the world today,” shopper Pastor Shepard said.

Now 23-year-old Brianah Blount is accused of kidnapping two kids, 7 and 4.  Police say their dad was in the dressing room while they waited in the store.  Blount saw the unattended children and took them with her.

Perhaps Blount thought the kids were lost, but what about calling 911 or reporting a lost child to the front desk?

“Well I have sympathy,” Shepard added, “but I just know we need to pay attention to our offspring.”

For parents shopping at this store, it hits home.

“I couldn’t imagine waking up one day, my baby’s here, and the next day I can’t see her,” mother Laketha Edwards said.  “I wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat or anything.  I don’t get how he could take his eye off his child and I don’t understand how she could just take someone else’s child either. She must not have any kids.”

However, according to Blount’s Facebook page, she has a little one of her own.

At least this story has a happy ending.  Dad and kids were reunited when cops found the pair at an apartment complex with Blount a almost 5 miles away.

Perhaps this will teach us all to hug our kids a little tighter.

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