Ugly Start: Cold Temps, Rain & Ice Ring In 2015

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NORTH TEXAS -- 2015 started much like 2014 ended – cold, wet and icy, well, in some parts of North Texas.

Our neighbors way out west saw most of the slippery stuff.  In Tarrant County, a light layer of ice coated cars early Thursday morning. Streets were slick, as cold rain rang in the New Year, and continued to fall through out the day.

At least temps stayed above the freezing mark, on the first day of January; making the drive around town somewhat more manageable.

Old man winter wasn’t very accomodating for travelers looking to head back home from the holidays. At DFW International Airport, the departure board was practically covered in cancellations New Year's Day morning.

Hey, you may want to keep those heavy coats handy – especially if you live out west of Bowie to Stephenville. More freezing rain and some sleet is expected overnight, as a winter storm warning is in effect for folks in those parts.

What’s more, the National Weather Service says folks from Bonham to Rockwall could see some light ice late tonight. Looks like 2015 is already giving us the cold shoulder.