Polar Plunge: Some Brave the Cold to Jump into 2015 with an Icy Splash

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FORT WORTH, TX -- You know how it is, it`s cold and rainy outside, and all you want to do is wrap yourself in your favorite blanket, sit by the fireplace...and jump into a big ice cold swimming pool.

Okay, so it's not an ideal way to spend a cold day. But, it’s how some North Texans spent their New Year’s Day.

Members of the Fort Worth YMCA took part in the 11th Annual Polar Plunge. Only the bravest of souls forewent the fear of freezing to dive into icy, cold water.

So,  why in the world would anybody in their right mind do this?

Some people claimed it was just to switch things up and do something different; others used it as an opportunity to cross another item off their bucket list. Bucket list? More like an ice bucket challenge.

No matter what, these guys and gals can truly say they've started 2015 with a splash... and maybe a cold.