Lions Link: Offensive Coordinator Could Hold Insight to Beating Detroit

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DALLAS, TX -- Okay, so the countdown to a new year is now history, but the countdown to a potentially history-changing game has just begun.

A new year brings with it a new hope for the Dallas Cowboys and its fans. The boys are focused on Sunday’s match-up against the Detroit Lions. It’s their first playoff appearance since 2009.

Mother nature’s cold snap forced the Cowboys to move Thursday’s practice indoors. Yeah, guess where they ended up? Highland Park High School.

The high school just so happens to be the Alma Mater of Lion’s QB, Matthew Stafford. What’s more, Matt’s former offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, is now the Cowboy’s passing game coordinator.

Wonder what Aalanis Morissette would think about that?

Okay, well – maybe Scott’s insight could work in the Boys’ favor.  His skills are definitely a welcomed benefit, considering the D-line just took a hard hit.

Definsive lineman Henry Melton is out with a season-ending injury. But these Boys aren’t backing down from the challenge.

So, it’s T-minus three days and counting until game day.