Cop Saves Christmas: DPD Officer Becomes Holiday Hero

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DALLAS – It’s far from the "Grinch Stole Christmas" story. The total opposite actually. It’s about an off-duty cop saving Christmas and lives.

It all started when Dallas Officer Richard Stewart pulled up to a liquor store off Storey Road and witnessed a brawl. Two of the store’s clerks were fighting an alleged thief.

"I very quickly figured out it was a possible robbery, and the guy had a gun,” Stewart said. "I stepped in, and immediately went for the gun, and tried to push it to the ground. The guy pointed the gun at me. He told me I'm gonna shoot you, I'm gonna shoot you, I'm gonna shoot ya'll."

And indeed he did try, but Stewart wasn’t going out like that.

"I was able to lodge my finger in the trigger guard of the gun. Eventually I was able to slide my other finger in there and release the cylinder and dump the bullets out while all this was going."

Finally, Stewart was able to hold the guy down until more officers arrived. And to think, Stewart confessed, "I really didn't want to get out if I didn't have to."

And to think, Stewart confessed, "I really didn't want to get out if I didn't have to."

Well, glad you did buddy. Because of you, everyone ended up safe and sound and most importantly – alive.

Well, except for the suspect. He got a mean shiner and was arrested on a slew of charges including felony theft and aggravated assault.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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