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Rough Ride: Watch as Severe Turbulence Terrifies Passengers

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DALLAS -- Call it the plane ride from hell. Folks on a flight from Seoul Korea to DFW are just glad to be home after experiencing a topsy-turvy turbulent flight.

“You’re sitting there eating your dinner and all of a sudden it flies up in the air,” explained one passenger. “It was pretty crazy.”

Yeah, the video and pics shot by passengers inside the plane show just how crazy things really got on American Flight 280.

You can hear screams of fear as the plane fights its way through the mile-high turbulence caused by a winter storm over Japan.

“Someone said we dropped at least a thousand feet. Someone also said that one point in time we dropped off radar,” explained another passenger.

Meteorologists say this storm was as strong as a Nor'easter with winds more than 200 mph.

The plane diverted to Japan’s Narita Airport Tuesday, with 14 out of the 255 passengers onboard needing medical attention for minor injuries.

“I've flown millions of miles and this is the worst I’ve ever seen."

Yeah,  this rough ride could leave anyone with a real fear of flying!

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