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Dance Off: DFW Fifth Graders Boogie on the Ballroom Dance Floor

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FORT WORTH-These kids really like to move it! Students from all over the metroplex stepped it up on Wednesday, competing for a spot in the finals in ballroom dance!

"I like dancing cause we get to shake what our mamas gave us," said fifth grader, Kennedy Scott.

"Our curriculum is a 10-week process, we have 20 lessons and the kids are super excited," said Bea Matthews, teacher artist.

We showed your their warm-up earlier this week, but on Wednesday it was all business for these fifth graders.

"Oh I feel ready," said Mac Scroggins.

"I'm hoping that we win, cause if we get that gold metal it'll be something we really accomplished," said fifth grader, Jonathan Richardson.

While these kids step, step, turn on stage, they're picking up some moves for life beyond elementary!

"It teaches you responsibility and how to be more mature, so that’s what I like about that," said Scroggins.

So what's the down side to having a dance partner?

"Sometimes they step on my foot so it kinda hurts. I didn't really feel like I wanted to dance with boys cause I thought they were kinda ugh," said Ionnah Jackson.

Yeah, we feel you girl.

And it looks like this experience has really got some kids thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.

"I was gonna be a dancer when I grow up and a director for ballroom dancing," said Richardson.

Hey, even if they didn't advance tonight, they could take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book and shake it off!

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