Stunning Video: Texas Cop Tackles, Tasers Elderly Man

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VICTORIA, TX -- What should have been a routine traffic stop took a quick turn for 76-year-old Pete Vasquez.

Dashcam shows Officer Nathaniel Robinson stop Vasquez for not having an inspection sticker.

But then, things got physical.

You can see Robinson grab Vasquez,  slam him on his squad car, tackles him to the ground, then user a Taser on him -- not once, but twice!

"He ordered me to get up and get up, so he could put the handcuffs on me and I couldn't get up so he put his taser and he did it again," said Vasquez

Needless to say, this situation has shocked the community of Victoria. Witnesses are standing behind Vasquez, calling this a case of police brutality.

"He grabbed Pete and tackled him, Pete didn't fall down, he was tackled, his head missing the curb by about that far and that's when he tasered him," said Larry Urich, who witnessed the altercation.

The Victoria Police Department has placed Robinson on administrative duty while they investigate, but the department insists it wants to remain transparent allowing folks to share their comments on this Facebook post.

For Vasquez, the taze marks are reminders of a growing concern in America, how some cops are abusing their power.