Krampus Is Coming: Which Christmas List Will You Be On?

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With Christmas just around the corner, do you know what list will you be on this year?

Naughty or Nice?

“Definitely on the naughty list, and I hope to improve,” said Katie Ryer.

Oh, you didn`t know --- Krampus aka "Keeper of the naughty list"---- aka the real 'Bad Santa' works overtime alongside the good ol’ St. Nick.

Old tales claim that he usually stuffs all the bad kids in his basket and carries them away to never see their parents again.

“I heard that he also eats the children, he eats the bad ones,” added Katie.

But on Sunday, at Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, Krampus kept things pretty light.

Instead of handing out lashes, he snapped pics and listened to folks confess to their wicked ways.

“I think I’m getting switches this year,” confessed Fay May.

So whether you`re naughty or nice, just know, there’s always someone watching ... and it just might be Krampus!