Christmas Cheer: Prosper Cops Hand Out Free Gift Cards

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PROSPER, Texas -- Let's face it, being approached by a cop is rarely a good thing.  It's often uncomfortable.

"At first I was like uh-oh," said Vince Garst, who was stopped by a Prosper officer.

"Thought I was going to get a ticket for something," Drake Dunn, who also was approached by an officer said.

But these weren't just routine stops.  Instead of tickets, Officer Kevin McGee is giving tides of joy.

"We want to give you a token of our appreciation. It's a gift card," McGee said.

Yep, $10 gift cards.  How's that for a holiday greeting?

"Pretty special," Garst said.

"Overjoyed.  Such a kind thing he did," said Kelly Bogard, who received a gift card.

"It was a pleasant surprise," Dunn said.

For the third straight year, Prosper cops are giving gift cards to safe drivers.

"It just started as a simple thank you to our residents," Prosper Assistant Police Chief Gary McHone said.  "Just to reenforce those safe driving habits."

"Anything that builds a positive relationship between the citizens and its local police I think is a good thing," Bogard said.

"Promotes more awareness for those that may not remember to buckle their seat belt all the time," Dunn said.  "I think it will make people start remembering good habits."

You may remember seeing something similar in Michigan.  The Lowell Police "Secret Santa" handed out Christmas gifts to drivers after pulling them over. They were pretty surprised when they unwrapped presents like televisions, toys, and even an Xbox One.

It's enough to get you into the spirit of the season. Or Maybe not.

Checkout this email one woman sent to Newsfix.

"I am completely outraged by news of a police officer awarding Christmas gifts to those who should have been given a ticket!  Shame on you for sharing such ignorance with the world!"

Hmm... sounds like someone could use some Christmas cheer.  Hey, maybe she should safely drive through Prosper.